Holiness: True Freedom, Liberty, & Amnesty

Living holy before the Lord is the most liberating lifestyle one could live. What is so sad is how some believers have been deceived into believing this lifestyle is bondage, and that in order to be free one must be aligned somehow with the world and the Bible. That, my friends, is not liberty. That my friends is not freedom. That is in fact a life of bondage. It is bondage to the whims and ... Read More

The Church Evolving and Growing In This Hour

Right now, throughout the world, the model for churches is changing dramatically. This is in response to the outbreak of COVID-19 and the orders of civil authorities to quell this deadly pandemic. However, sadly many pastors and leaders have openly rejected this change of methodology, and some have even went as far as reopening for in-person services that endangered those who chose to come. While I will never speak against genuine acts of faith, I ... Read More