Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings

Facts do not care about your feelings. This is such a true statement, especially in the light of modern liberalism, especially liberalism within the Church. Facts, the truth of the Word of God, are just that, facts. In today’s Christian churches, people are more moved by emotions than they are by the Word. Why is ... Read More

It’s Only Legalism Because Of Witchcraft

Leonard Ravenhill once said about legalism, “When there’s something in the Bible that churches don’t like, they call it legalism.” Can I be honest that this spirit now permeates the Kingdom. It is the spirit of witchcraft, which is rebellion. When churches, when believers see something in the Bible they do not like, they call ... Read More

A Decision For Truth

There is a pandemic ongoing throughout the world, and it is giving people cause to pause and think. Many people, like myself, already live as an introvert, so this lifestyle only has a couple of new restrictions on me. Nevertheless, this whole situation has given me cause to think, and I have made some decisions. ... Read More

Embracing The Change

On March 24th, local government here in Harris County issued a stay home order. This was done so as to curb the continuing spread of COVID-19. As part of this stay home order, church services were ordered to switch from personal to online. The ban on gatherings of more than 10 people made this happen, ... Read More

God Has Spoken

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. There is a plague in many churches, or as I am led to call it, there’s poison in many pots today. One of these poisons in the pot is the personal interpretation poison. Basically, it is where people no longer believe ... Read More

Being Sick Is NOT A Sin

One of the greatest heresies to enter the church world is that of the hyper-grace. Men such as Joseph Prince, Andrew Wommack, and Bill Johnson all preach forms of this false grace heresy, and their doctrine is poisonous to those who follow them and accept their messages. Watch the video below to hear this teaching ... Read More