George Floyd, Tony Timpa, and Accountability

Grace, Shalom, and Maranatha to you all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! You cannot but have your heart break at the stories we see now of police oppression and abuse of power. George Floyd was murdered by police in Minneapolis, Minnesota when an officer kneed him in the neck causing his death. The same happened with Tony Timpa, a young man who was also being arrested, stopped breathing, and the officer so ... Read More

Losing Faith In God and The Perfect Bible

Jon Steingard, lead singer of the band Hawk Nelson, came forward the other day on Instagram and shared that he no longer believed in God. What he shared was the fact of his wounds, his chains of religion finally cutting into the skin of his life, and him seeing nothing there. I shared this on his post, and hope this will help others maybe see what I have now come to see… Jon, I respect ... Read More

The God of Hate or Love?

Grace and Shalom to one and all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. This morning, I posted the following tweet, “Hatred against people is of the world, the devil, and sin. God does not hate anyone. He loved, loves, and keeps loving. It is sin, spiritual forces that God hates. God calls us to repent, believe, be saved. He does NOT hate you or me. God is love.” This tweet was and is ... Read More